What is a pinhole leak within a copper water line?

A pin-hole leak is a tiny hole that will increase start
in piping creating a mist or steady stream of water to blast out. In most instances these leakages build up due to the water pipe eroding from the inside out. There are lots of explanations as to why a leak comes about. A few of the primary components that lead to a leak may include the age of your home, your towns water pressure, the amount of minerals associated with your water supply, how your water pipes are crafted (i.e. elbows, corners, turns etc.), what season you are in, as well as how the pipes was put in place.

Pin hole water leaks in copper tubing
Most often the pipe leaks occur at the water main inside the house. It occurs close to the water main because this is the spot that the water pressure is at it’s highest in the house. Just like how water over time can cut deeper into rock creating erosion. It also can corrode within your water pipe. It slowly corrodes the interior of the pipes until it consequently bursts through the pipe.

Copper piping dysfunction
Throughout the US in many different states and regions, you can find substantial water pressure with lots of minerals in the water supply. These points put together with the normal structural age of the house between 20-30 years means that there is a large number of pin-hole leak enquiries in recent years. Significant organic mineral content in the water can lead to numerous water line challenges. Anything from water heaters to faucets and piping suffer from the excess minerals. Using a softener in your water does not help considerably either. Conditioning water does not dispose of most of the minerals that happen to be found in the water.

Pin-Hole Leakages in Pipe Joints
Almost all the aspects that cause pinhole leaks are unavoidable. You cannot modify the mineral levels or water temperature entering into your house. Several leaks show up at or near a joint. Basically where the pipe connection is. This might be an elbow fitting or maybe a coupling. Whenever water passes by one of these fittings there is turbulence. Your water whirls and turns as it passes through the fittings. Preventing this is to some extent inescapable. The disturbance causes water to erode the water pipe from the inside out.

Break down in Pipe Fittings
If your leak happens at a pipes it might be as a result of installer failing to ream out the copper after cutting it. When a copper pipe is cut with a pipe cutter it gets pinched as it’s being cut. This creates a lip on the inside of the pipe. This lip can exaggerate the amount of turbulence that occurs at the joint. Often a pipe that has multiple holes generally occurs due to the installer not reaming out the pipe after cutting it.

If you get a pinhole leak what should you do?
Chances are good that if you are continually having to repair different pinhole leaks, you will want to seriously consider a full Copper Repipe. It is the only way to prevent a pinhole leak from reoccuring because of poor water quality. Repipe Specialists is the preferred service provider for full copper repiping. They provide free on-site estimates and can even assist in upgrading your fixtures and additional improvements like a tankless water heater. Their services are about half the cost of a local plumber and always backed by a lifetime guarantee.

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